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Research-and-production center of information and transport system

Акционерное общество Научно-производственный центр информационных и транспортных систем (АО НПЦ ИНФОТРАНС)
  • City:


  • Address:

    47 Polevaya str., 443001, Samara, Russia

  • Contacts: Tel. +7 (846) 337 51 26 Fax +7 (846) 337 52 18 E-mail:

  • CEO:

    Igor Mikhalkin

  • History of the company:

    INFOTRANS SPC (Scientific-Production Center of information and transport systems) built in 1990, it is a leading company in Russia, which developes and produces the innovative research and technical products for every kind of railway transport.

  • Description of RCEA:

  • INN:


  • RCEA:


  • Activities directions:

    design, development, production and maintenance of various models of automatic diagnostics of technical infrastructure for the railways of Russia and CIS countries

  • Export countries:

    Mobile units: Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia. Manual units: China, Germany.

  • Planned export countries:

    India, Serbia, Poland

  • Foreign capital:

  • Projects:


  • Products and services:

    Mobile units for diagnostics of raiway infrastructure, systems for track monitoring, including autonomous manual units for rail geometry and track geometry monitoring, information and analytic systems.