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    443022, Samara, ul.Kabelnaya, 9, body 1A

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    7 (846) 2696300 7 (846) 2696301 7 (846) 2784297 (прием на работу) перенаправляет на

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    OJSC "PES / SCC" was founded in 1995 as a joint venture, founded by steel corporation "General Motors" (USA) and Samara Cable Company (Russia). The main activity is the production of wiring harnesses for vehicles, as well as other electrical wiring and lighting products. The company produces and / m wiring and is a leading supplier of wiring harnesses for AvtoVAZ, and the undisputed leader in its industry for quality products. Quality System PES / SCC certified according to the international standard ISO / TS 169 491 999. Now the owners of the company are American corporation Delphi, inherited it after the separation from General Motors, and Samara Cable Company.

  • Description of RCEA:

    Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines

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    n / a

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    A wide range of bundles of cables for cars VAZ, including those with electronic injection.