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Non-Profit Unitary Organization

Fund "Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region"

Non-Profit Unitary Organization – Fund "Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region" ensures attraction of the Russian and foreign investors to the region, promotion of regional companies on the domestic and international markets, provides full support to the initiators of investment projects.This is a whole range of services – from selection of a site for project implementation to its release to the final stage and provision of the required state support.

In addition, the Agency cooperates with investors on the “one-stop-shop” principle, as well as:

  • Searches for foreign partners according to the companies’ priorities;
  • Provides investment consulting services and monitors the implementation of investment projects;
  • Promotes the investment opportunities of the Samara Region in Russia and foreign countries by participation in conferences, exhibitions, forums and other events.
Working hours:

Monday–Thursday from 9.00 to 18.00
Friday – from 9.00 to 17.00.

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  • Никитин Сергей Иванович
    Sergey Nikitin
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Гриднева Алёна Алексеевна
    Gridneva Alena
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Investment Promotion Department:
  • Босенко Раиса Николаевна
    Bosenko Raisa
    Head of Department
  • Илингин Рустам Усманович
    Ilingin Rustam
    Deputy Head of Department
  • Остроумова Влада Дмитриевна
    Ostroumova Vlada
  • Фролова Мария Сергеевна
    Frolova Maria
    Senior Specialist
Department for Support of Investment Projects:
  • Кабанов Станислав Игоревич
    Kabanov Stanislav
    Senior Specialist
  • Асиновский Станислав Олегович
    Asinovskiy Stanislav
    Senior Specialist
Information and Consulting Department:
  • Лутохин Михаил Юрьевич
    Lutokhin Mikhail
    Head of Department
  • Россейкина Ирина Федоровна
    Rosseikina Irina